Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Offseason Outlook

     Lets look at some of their offseason moves for the Buffalo Sabres. They started out by signing John Scott to a 1 year deal. Next, was the trading of Derek Roy to the Dallas Stars for Center Steve Ott. Finally, was the two recent signings of Center Kevin Porter who was formely on the Colorado Avalanche and the resigning of a long time AHL all star of the Sabres Mark Mancari.
      Buffalo fans have become upset over these aquisitions and I cant agree with them anymore. According to last years statistics the Sabres were in the bottom Half in the NHL in goals for and in shots per game. So why is management singing players whose roles are about being tough and getting under the nerves of other teams. John Scott, yes he is an incredible fighter that can motivate a team and Steve Ott, well he is a solid third line player that can score but not consistently. The Sabres have plenty of grinders such as, Patrick Kaleta, Cody Mcormick, and Corey Tropp that are going to blossom into great instigaters. The signing of Mark Mancari makes no sense because in the NHL nowadays you need speed in which he does not have and Kevin Porter just cannot produce because according to last years stats he had 7 goals in 35 games.
      What is a great addition to the team is drafting Mikhail Grigorenko. The first-round draft pick did show a quick adjustment to North America last season with 85 points in 59 games playing in the QMJHL. Grigorenko is 6-foot-3 and plays like a big player. However, he has plenty of room to add bulk to his frame, which may be one of the main reasons the club will not rush him.
       Overall, with the young talent that Buffalo possess i do forsee the playoffs for them this year. i definetly think they are a top 5 team in the eastern conference if the play from the first and second line works as projected to. 

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